Further Appeals: The Department of Interior Board of Land Appeals (IBLA)

If these initial administrative remedies fail, a further appeal may be taken to IBLA, a quasi-judicial body of administrative law judges within the Department of Interior. (Although in oil and gas cases, appeal to IBLA is not necessary and a party may be able to proceed directly to federal court.) Appeals to IBLA are often complex, and will almost always be defended by attorneys within the Dept. of Interior’s Solicitor’s Office. For these reasons, we highly recommend that any appeal to IBLA be done with the utmost care, and with the advice and participation of counsel experienced in public lands law. Remember: an IBLA decision brought by group A in state B can effect oil and gas decisions affecting group C in state D. For this reason, be careful of what, and in what manner, you take a further appeal to BLA. The regulatory provisions for appealing to IBLA are provided below:


More information on specific types of protests:

Protesting the Resource Management Plan (RMP) or Land & Resource Management Plan (LRMP)

Protesting Lease Offerings

Protesting Project Approvals or APDs