Issues to Raise

Air Quality

Oil and gas drilling may affect the air quality in the region near a well. Dust from the road, emissions from exploration, construction, drilling and production equipment, and exhaust from the traffic to and from the well area can lower air quality. Development and production of gas wells may require releases of methane gas and a myriad of toxic gases into the atmosphere. The Clean Air Act requires National Forests  to “affirmatively protect the air quality related values” (AQRV) in an area. Check the land use plan to determine whether there are AQRV standards for the area, and whether the Forest Service's leasing decisions and actual drilling operations are consistent with them. Also check with the state air pollution control agency regarding any permits that must be obtained for activity affecting air quality.

Specific Issues to Raise:



Hazardous Waste

Plants and Wildlife

Archaeological and Historical Sites

Visual Quality

Special Concerns With Fracking