Links to Reports & Fact Sheets

Hydraulic Fracturing Fact Sheet


In Fracking’s Wake: New Rules are Needed to Protect Our Health and Environment from Contaminated Wastewater- National Resources Defense Council


Wild Virginia’s, 2009 George Washington National Forest Drinking Water Study


To Float Or Not To Float The Waste...That Is The Question - American Rivers - Jessie Thomas-Blate


Oil and gas industry takes a toll on local health care providers - National Resources Defense Council Switchboard - Amy Mall


Fracking dangers: 7 ugly reasons why wilderness lovers should be worried - The Wilderness Society


Tell the Secretary of Agriculture to Keep the Ban on Fracking in Our National Forest - Wild Virginia


Kill the Drill - Petition to Stop Gas Drilling on Alabama's National Forest - Wild South


Loopholes for Polluters –The oil and gas industry’s exemptions to major environmental laws - Earth Works Action


Hydraulic Fracturing Can Potentially Contaminate Drinking Water Sources - Natural Resources Defense Council


Arkansas in the Balance: Managing the Risks of Shale Gas Development in the Natural State


March 5, 2014 - DC Passes Resolution Prohibiting Fracking in George Washington National Forest


Earthworks: George Washington National Forest


Potomac Riverkeeper: Take Action! Keep Fracking Out of George Washington National Forest