Be Persistent

Make sure you let BLM/FS know, in writing, that you want to be informed of, and consulted about, all decision, plans, and environmental documents affecting the area. Ask questions, and follow up on the answers you get. For example, if you are told that the approved surface use plan is being complied with by the company, look at the requirements of the plan and inspect the drilling site yourself. Ask to see FS’s inspection reports on the operation. Keep a record of your letters, and, if problems are not being resolved, send copies to your congressional representative and your senators. Use these examples, or let other use them, in oversight hearings by committees of Congress. Make them available to other federal agencies and investigative reporters. If you decide to protest or appeal a subsequent leasing or permitting decision, submit copies of past letters of complaint. Remember, put everything in writing. Put your observations of land conditions, your objections to FS failures to notify you or consult with you, and your criticisms and praise in letters to FS. Save copies of your letters.

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